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Our Vision

Empowering  Children Through Education

Our mission is to empower the children through education in Africa. We are achieving this by improving the quality of education to British standards. We are also increasing access to education by building much needed schools.
We have built the first secondary school in the Masai Mara, which previously had 47 primary schools and no secondary schools. We want this school to be more than just a secondary school – we want it to be an incubator for change. We want to create leaders and change-makers in the local community by encouraging children to think critically, logically and creatively. This is why we teach our pupils entrepreneurial, vocational subjects as well as the national curriculum and encourage interactive methods of learning. Our vision here is “integration with preservation”: providing high quality British style education locally whilst respecting and preserving local culture and retaining talent within the region. We work shoulder to shoulder with the community to achieve our mission –by using local materials and labor, and also ensuring that they have a voice on all our operational committees. 


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