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• Sponsor a child for a year: For GBP 300 sponsor a child for a whole year, including three meals per day,
• Sponsor a Teacher for a year: For GBP 6000 sponsor a teacher at the various schools
• Sponsor a Classroom: For GBP 10,000 build a room complete with tables, chairs,
• Adopt a Child from kindergarten to college
• Feed the children:GBP 100:20 kids for 30 days 
• Buy a textbook : GBP 5
Donate to our Kitchen Appeal!
Our penultimate fundraising project for Sekenani Girls High School involves upgrading the existing kitchen facilities at a cost of ~£12,500. Up until now, we have been make-doing with a make-shift kitchen as other structures such as dormitories and science laboratory were fundraising priorities. However, the school is in desperate need for a better kitchen now that it is running at full capacity.
These are the current kitchen facilities, in much need of a make-over: 


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